Friday, November 19, 2010

Squeezebox remote premium

Whats New in latest version

Version 2.2 (Nov 23rd)
  • Better fit to screen.
  • Better response to gestures.
  • Use double tap OR device's search button OR flicks to switch between screens.
  • Confirmation on exit.
  • Ability to turn on/off phone alert if SB alarm fails

Version 2.1
  • Use phone's volume up/down button for finer volume control on the device.
  • Ability to start the player at specific times(Alarm). Use Menu->Alarm to use this . 

Alarm Functionality
   SqueezeBox alarm has been very un-reliable for me. It plays local tunes on 90% of the days even if the streaming station is online. This alarm functionality in the app tries to fix this problem.   Alarm feature of the  app lets you start playing your favorite stations at specific times of the day. 

   Setting up alarms on the app does not impact alarms setup on the player or using The app alarms are local to the app and will exist along with alarms on the box. 
Adding alarms
  •  Use Menu->Alarms and click on Add Alarm to bring up add alarm page. 
  • Select Favorite Channel and backup. Backup channel will be tried if the Favorite channel could not be started.
  • Select player, time, name etc. 
  • If you want a repeating alarm, pick days on which you want alarm to repeat. Or pick everyday if you want a daily alarm. 
  • One time alarms can be setup by not selecting any day. One time alarms will be deleted after successful start of alarm.
  • In case the app is not able to start alarm on the squeezebox, the app can notify the user on the phone and raise an alert. The add alarm screen has options to customize this. User can chose from no alert , audio alert, vibrate alert and audio and vibrate alert. 
Deleting/Editing alarms

  • Press Menu->Alarms
  • Long press the alarm you want to Edit/Delete. 
  • Select appropriate action from popup menu.
Failure to start Alarm (IMPORTANT)
  •  Alarm starting depends on 
    • Internet connection on phone working at time of alarm.
    • Internet connection on player working at time of alarm.
    • One of the two stations being online at time of alarm.
  • If any of the above conditions don't meet, the app is not able to start the alarm on the player. In this case the app notifies the user on the phone. 
  • Notification depends on the options selected during alarm creation.  
  • Notification happens by using
    • Notification bar icon
    • Vibrating alert
    • Notification sounds (will not sound if phone on mute)
  • Notification can be cancelled by clicking on the notification icon or by clicking clear all notifications. 

ScreenShots (Menu)

ScreenShots (Alarm)

ScreenShots (Add Alarm)

ScreenShots (Add Alarm Continued )

ScreenShots (Edit/Delete Alarm)

ScreenShots (Alarm Failure 1)

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